For your safety, it is not allowed to return or exchange cosmetic and care products, even if they are in their original condition.

You can also return other products, provided that they have not been used or opened, and that they are in their original condition as they were received from Lofa.

Q: How long is the allowed period for return?
A: You can return within 3 days of the purchase.

Q: Is there a return fee?
A: When returning an intact, undamaged product, i.e. in its original condition, the fees are borne by the customer.

Q: How can I return the product?
A: We are pleased to serve you through the available customer service, provided that the returned product is in its original condition with its original packaging and has not been used, opened, or changed the packaging features of the product.

Q: In the process of returning, how do I get a refund?
A: The amount is refunded after the product reaches us and its condition is confirmed, and then the amount is transferred to your account immediately.